What is Tattoo Book Approved?

 Tattoo Book Approved

Our aim is to provide a platform for the UK’s largest database of licensed and professional tattoo studios and artists.


What does Tattoo Book Approved mean?

Tattoo Book Approved simply means that the member displaying the badge is guaranteed to have a ‘Tattoo, Piercing and Electrolysis’ license and is also one of our premium members at The Tattoo Book. We have personally checked the license of this member and they are legally carrying out work authorised by this license. 

When a tattoo studio or artist requests for a premium account and Tattoo Book Approved badge, ratings and reviews on their profile are also taken into account when considering to approve this member. If a member consistently receives bad ratings and reviews, this may affect the members ability to become Tattoo Book Approved. We only promote reputable, licensed tattoo studios, artists and piercers. 

What does it mean to have a ‘Tattoo, Piercing and Electrolysis’ license?

For an artist or studio to legally operate in the UK, they must hold a license. The license application is made to their local council. The license covers: Tattooing, Semi-Permanent Skin Colouring, Cosmetic Piercing, Electrolysis and Acupuncture.

In Greater London, any artist or studio must apply for a Special Treatments License. As well as the activities listed above, this also includes: Massages, Manicures, Chiropody and Saunas.

The license lasts as long as they intend to work in the area. In London, however, the license must be renewed regularly. This varies from area to area and can be up to every 18 months.

Tattoo artists can only work in the area they’re licensed. They must follow any local bye-laws relating to staff hygiene and the safety and cleanliness of the premises, furniture and equipment. The premises will usually be inspected before they receive their license to assess this.

For more information on licensing and our Tattoo Book Approved badge, please get in touch at info@thetattoobook.co.uk