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About Jimmy Scribble

Since beginning of my career,I have continued to progress with my script and black and grey artwork. i specialise in large script pieces. There are many people from all areas coming to me for my custom script designs. All tattoos are high quality and all custom to meet my client's requirements.I freehand all the script straight onto my client's skin for perfection of the piece. i enjoy tattooing and i continue to look at different ways to develop and grow my style and take it to another level.

Jimmy Scribble
18-22 Devonshire street carlisle united kingdom
  • Black & Grey
  • Chicano
  • Lettering
  • Script
  • Blackwork
  • Tattooing
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    • Black Friars Tattoo House

      Jimmy Scribble's Previous Work

      The Tattoo Book - idkfsfm_ac82c83446300ae325ce9a02527fb510_1459335428.jpg
      The Tattoo Book - id02jgv_ac82c83446300ae325ce9a02527fb510_1459335403.jpg
      The Tattoo Book - idfraa0_8a270747069a6c4cbfa1130940cd8d10_1458858393.jpg
      The Tattoo Book - idgnv5q_8a270747069a6c4cbfa1130940cd8d10_1458858383.jpg
      The Tattoo Book - idnmga5_8a270747069a6c4cbfa1130940cd8d10_1458858359.jpg
      The Tattoo Book - id8wpth_8a270747069a6c4cbfa1130940cd8d10_1458858352.jpg
      The Tattoo Book - idasbvj_8a270747069a6c4cbfa1130940cd8d10_1458858342.jpg
      The Tattoo Book - idtpyc6_8a270747069a6c4cbfa1130940cd8d10_1458858334.jpg
      The Tattoo Book - idmaacz_8a270747069a6c4cbfa1130940cd8d10_1458858328.jpg

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