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About Vicky Lou

I was born in 1982, and from a young age I wanted to follow the family trend of being a graphic designer. Having graduated University, I went on to be a freelance designer based in London and Manchester. The lack of creative freedom lead me to make a career change. This is when I came across the opportunity to become a tattoo apprentice. I started tattooing in 2011, finding my experience in the design industry very useful in the tattooing process. My love of clean and complex line work has allowed me to develop a distinctive style, which is heavily influenced by Indian and Asian styles, particularly henna inspired pieces. In more recent times I have developed this into my own style of abstract and water colour pieces which are really fun! My clients enjoy my friendly and approachable attitude and I love to discuss ideas and embrace the input of both my clients and my colleagues. My positive reputation as a tattoo artist is increasing with many returning clients, and I hope for a long and prosperous time in the industry as a tattooist and an artist.

Vicky Smith
21 Worcester Street Gloucester Gloucestershire GL1 3AJ England

Vicky Lou's Previous Work

The Tattoo Book - id0hqak_48b4c0aae663f4883ac5b24e06626d67_1471552995.jpg
The Tattoo Book - idb7vhk_48b4c0aae663f4883ac5b24e06626d67_1471552992.jpg
The Tattoo Book - ido85kh_48b4c0aae663f4883ac5b24e06626d67_1471552989.jpg
The Tattoo Book - idh8pls_48b4c0aae663f4883ac5b24e06626d67_1471552987.jpg
The Tattoo Book - id4hiis_48b4c0aae663f4883ac5b24e06626d67_1471552984.jpg
The Tattoo Book - id7q1li_48b4c0aae663f4883ac5b24e06626d67_1471552982.jpg
The Tattoo Book - id0s5qj_48b4c0aae663f4883ac5b24e06626d67_1471552979.jpg
The Tattoo Book - idmgnrn_48b4c0aae663f4883ac5b24e06626d67_1471552972.jpg
The Tattoo Book - id3phqp_48b4c0aae663f4883ac5b24e06626d67_1471552969.jpg

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